Ready for a Wardrobe Re-do?

At NTY Clothing Exchange, Switching Things Up is as Easy as 1, 2, 3.

Here’s How it Works:

Sort through the clothes and accessories you no longer wear. We’re looking for current styles in like-new or “gently-used” condition. Be sure they’re freshly laundered, then bag them up and bring ’em in.

 NTY Clothing Exchange

Our buyers review your items based on brand name, condition, style, and what’s in demand.  We buy Sizes 1-19 and S-XXL for girls, and Sizes 28-40 and S-XXL for guys. Whatever works for us, we’ll buy from you.

 NTY Clothing Exchange

For the items we keep, we’ll give you CASH On-the-Spot. Or choose store credit and get a 25% BONUS!

 NTY Clothing Exchange

Resale vs. Consignment: What's the Big Difference?

Consignment stores will put your clothing and accessories out on the floor to sell, but you only get paid if your items sell - if they sell at all. As a resale shop, we pay you CASH On-the-Spot for the clothes and accessories we choose to purchase from you.