Denim & Chambray

Denim continues to be a trend going into the fall and, as it was in the previous season, it is taking all forms and combinations.  It can be a distressed denim vest over a maxi dress, a denim jacket over just about anything, or one of the cooler trends: chambray…as in shirts and dresses. The difference between denim and chambray mainly is in the weight of the material. Chambray is a little lighter and is the material generally used for shirts and dresses. The heavier weight denim is used in jeans and denim jackets.

How about wearing the two together? That is a fun trend and looks great as the heavier denim tends to be darker in color than the chambray and they complement each other well.

We all love denim and a comfy pair of jeans. Why not be even more on-trend with a fresh take on your denim look? Mix up the denim and the chambray, throw on an extra layer or a cool belt, and you’ll be set to go.

NTY Clothing Exchange three photos of blonde model wearing different types of denim. The first she is wearing a denim button-up shirt and dark skinny jeans, the second she is wearing the same shirt with lighter flared jeans, and the third she is wearing the same shirt with dark flared jeans