Transition to Fall

As we near the end of summer, it’s hard to see the warmer days fade away to cooler weather, but the new fall fashions are fun to think about.

Fall might mean packing away the shorts and bathing suits, but it doesn’t have to mean packing away your summer dresses or favorite tops. The beauty of fall is the opportunity to layer and still wear those great pieces, but with a cardigan, duster, jean jacket, kimono, or a fun blazer over it. Change up the accessories and the whole look can be fresh.

There’s also the addition of other layers that have maybe been packed away for the summer: Your favorite scarves, the warm longer sweaters, and – the very on-trend this season look of your favorite booties with a great pair of flared jeans and fringe everywhere…there are some cool trends this fall!

It may be hard to see summer coming to an end, but the fashion choices for fall are trendy and fun, and there’s so many ways to stay stylish while things start to cool down!

NTY Clothing Exchange graphic with model wearing red and blue flannel over a brown t-shirt and mint-green denim pants with text that says transition to fall with some fun trends