Miniskirts are Always On-Trend

Most of us love our miniskirts, and they aren’t going anywhere as trends change. Women like the feel of a shorter skirt – and depending on where you’re going – it can go shorter or you can keep it to just a little above the knee and pair it with something more conservative for the office. Tall boots and short booties both look fabulous with miniskirts, and if you really want to be fashion-forward, compliment a short skirt with an over-the-knee boot.

The right miniskirt can really compliment your legs, and the look is always young, fresh, and fun. This season try a mini with a fluted hem. It’s flattering for just about any body shape, and the ruffle adds a feminine edge to the look. And if you’re in a colder climate, add some opaque tights or leggings.

Black Fluted Mini with text that says black fluted mini

There’s just something about a miniskirt that makes you feel powerful. Add the right shoes or boots, and you’re looking – and feeling – trendy and confident!