Trending: Faux Fur for Fall

One of the big trends this fall is faux fur. It’s on coat collars, on soft scarves, and it’s a huge trend in vests. A furry vest can add a fun, textured look to your outfit. It can make jeans look more hip and add a whole different modern feel to a dress, both in texture and in added color.

You can wear them short, long and loose, or belt them for a hip, fresh look.

Take a look at NTY Clothing Exchange for some like-new, gently-used faux fur pieces to add to your wardrobe. A little can go a long way for this look, so if it’s something a little different for you, start with a simple scarf or add a new winter coat trimmed in some soft faux fur trim. Remember, faux fur will also give you a little added warmth – making it a perfect fashion-forward accessory for fall!

NTY Clothing Exchange model wearing faux-fur vest and dark-gold bracelets standing against brick with with text over image that says furry vests

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