Owning a Franchise May Seem
Like a Big Undertaking, But Actually…

We have a team of highly-trained and friendly support staff that can help you through the ownership process. We provide start-up assistance to our franchise owners, including helping them find the ideal location for their resale clothing franchise, assisting them with store layouts, helping them with employee training, and much more. Some of the franchise training and assistance pieces we offer are listed below, so you know that when you start, you are not starting alone: NTY CLOTHING EXCHANGE is there to help you from first contact, to store open, and beyond!

Start-Up Assistance

NTY CLOTHING EXCHANGE helps provide you the tools that you need to develop your business plan which, based upon our past experience and your local research and input, covers the cost goals for sales, expenses, and profit. This business planning process guides you in getting bank financing and then managing your ongoing business.

Real Estate
Location, location, location… it’s very important and our conservative development strategy helps you in seeking quality locations. NTY CLOTHING EXCHANGE stores are located in centers with high-visibility and traffic counts that meet specific demographic requirements. We provide training and assistance with site selection and stand lease terms.

Construction and Design
NTY CLOTHING EXCHANGE stores are colorful, fun, clean, inviting, and designed for a superior shopping experience for teens and young adults. Our proven store designs can be customized to adapt to your specific site/size requirements. We provide build-out specifications, as well as sourcing of our fixtures to you at your cost.

Ongoing Assistance

Two separate, comprehensive training programs are provided on both pre-opening and post-opening topics – ranging from Business Plan, Financing, and Site Selection…. to opening Store Operations, Merchandising, Inventory Management, and Point-of-Sale system training. NTY CLOTHING EXCHANGE training manuals are included.

An expert corporate support team supplies franchisees with detailed product placement diagrams and specific updated merchandising techniques.


Your store inventory comes from customers in your market area responding to the advertising and marketing materials that we provide to you. We will teach you how to buy the right quality inventory in the right quantities at the right price. This is critical to your level of success. We also teach you how to sell product. Our custom POS Hardware/Software system makes the Buy/Sell process very easy to train new managers and staff. It will help you to manage the inventory so you can maximize your profit potential.

Franchisees receive regularly updated comprehensive operations procedures used in all NTY CLOTHING EXCHANGE stores. Twenty-four hour access to the NTY CLOTHING EXCHANGE Extranet allows the franchisee to stay current with programs, procedures, useful tools, and training manuals.

Advertising and Marketing
We provide various forms of advertising ranging from television and radio broadcasts to print media to in-store posters and point-of-sale signage. We provide materials and direction for: Public relations campaigns and local market advertising and promotions. Resources: SUPPORT Franchisees enjoy full privileges to our Extranet and to our company subsidized Annual Conference with management, vendors, and field support staff. This Annual Conference, along with our 24-7 Extranet, helps our franchisees and our NTY CLOTHING EXCHANGE management team to network effectively with each other to collaboratively improve your business.

*The franchise information disclosed does not constitute an offer or the sale of a franchise.