The Pencil Skirt

Although it’s always fun to be on-trend and have a fresh look, there are some classic pieces that always work that you can use to mix it up a bit with the trendy pieces. One of these is the pencil skirt. If you are in school or starting out in a new career, the pencil skirt always works for business and casual wear.

A well-cut pencil skirt is a flattering silhouette for just about any woman. It can be a little longer or shorter, but the most flattering length is right above the knees. It can be in a classic black color or maybe you’d like to go brighter and wear one in pink, blue, stripes, or a cool floral pattern – or even some great leather styles. Pencil skirts come in many textures and fabrics – and look great with pumps or flats. For a night out, the pencil skirt can go with anything and create a hot, figure-hugging look.

NTY Clothing Exchange carries both trendy and classic pieces, and we usually have a wide variety of gently-used pencil skirts in the store. At NTY Clothing Exchange, our pieces are all like-new – and you can get them for up to 70% off of retail.

You can make the skirt more casual with some fun jewelry and a great tee, or keep it classic for work with a blazer or basic cardigan. The pencil skirt is just one of those pieces that gets pulled out of the closet over and over again. It works, it’s flattering, and it never goes out of style. NTY Clothing Exchange model wearing black pencil skirt, black heels, a white button-up shirt and holding two books